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What is a "you" shaped life? Live life on your terms...

One of the things I talk about often and encourage my clients towards is a "you" shaped life. There is a lot of talk in the personal development world about living a BIG life, having big hairy audacious goals, with the implication that bigger is better. Bigger is what we all should be striving for. Constantly expanding, consuming and going for more.

But what if bigger isn't for you? What if you don't want a big life?

Live life on your terms

What if you want a small life, a quiet life, a perfectly curated life? What if you're the shy and retiring type who want's to surround themselves with all the small, quiet soft things in life? What about a peaceful life?

For me living a "you" shaped life is about authenticity and honesty. Living the life where you feel most at home, where your inner world and the essence of who you are is beautifully supported, nourished and expressed. A life where you look around and you see yourself and the things that make your heart sing reflected in it.

It's not that big isn't great, it can be. If that's a true expression of who you are and what you want then go for it. But equally it's ok to want less, to go smaller, be quieter. What ever is most true for you.

It's hard sometimes to live an authentic life when it feels like you're going against the grain of expectation. It's also hard to know how to live a life on your terms if you've never had the permission to do so. It can feel like there's this unspoken rule that if you're not going for more and living it large that somehow you're missing out or not making the most of your life.

But actually... what if by being your truest self, you ARE making the most of your life? And what if by living authentically you also give others around you permission to do the same? Living an authentic life is linked to greater happiness, greater sense of self worth and improved health and longevity. That sounds much better than spending a heap of time, energy and money trying to be something you're not. So instead of living a big life, how about your truest life? Your freest life? A life that is uniquely you shaped? A life that feels beautiful rather than just looks beautiful. How about fully stepping into a life where all that you are can flourish with full expression, rather than the life that's expected of you?

Yep, sounds good to me! x


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