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💖✨Calling in MORE for 2024✨💖


Hey there, Dream Weaver!💫 Are you craving more abundance, alignment, peace, and love in the upcoming year? I've got the perfect companion for your journey! Ever since my childhood, I've been enchanted by New Year's resolutions. Folding an A4 paper into a book, I'd pen down my desires and changes I wanted to manifest. The hope and excitement of a fresh start fueled me. But let's be real; results were patchy at best. However, over the years, I've learned the art and science of goal-setting, the psychology behind it, and what truly works. Why This Workbook is Game-Changing: After a particularly challenging year, I stumbled upon the magic of a gratitude and release ceremony before setting intentions for the new year. Pouring gratitude over the hardships and fully letting go transformed my perspective. It's about embracing the power of intention, not the pressure to hustle. The 3-Part Workshop: Part 1: Closing the Year 🙏 Reflect on the year ending, express gratitude, celebrate wins, and release what no longer serves. Create space for the magic of the upcoming year. Part 2: Your Wildest Dreams 🪄 Dream without limitations. Get crystal clear on what you want and the motivating why behind it. Let your dreams guide the way. Part 3: Action 🎬 Crystallize your intentions, prepare the path ahead, and take inspired action. It's about bringing your dreams to life with purpose. What's Inside: ✨ Reflection prompts ✨ Gratitude exercises ✨ Dream mapping activities ✨ Intention-setting strategies ✨ Action plans for a purposeful year Your Next Step: Book a discovery call with me to discuss your insights from this workbook. Whether you're interested in 1:1 coaching, group accountability, or workshops, I'm here to support your journey. Here's to you calling in more for 2024. Cheers to a year of flourishing, abundance, and success! Big love, Katy x

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